Soal dan Jawaban UAS Semester Ganjil Applied English

Soal dan Jawaban UAS Semester Ganjil Sistem Pendukung Keputusan

A. Choose a, b, c, or d for the best answer in each following question!
1. Indonesia _____ the technology into digital revolution as the proliferation for social media.
a. developing b. stopped c. increases d. will shifted
2. A lot of new apps are _____ in all sectors which are beneficial for users.
a. deleted b. developed c. endangered d. rejected
3. We _____ android base applications including online game apps, social media, and google apps.
a. embrace b. embraces c. embracing d. embraced
4. The fast-growing technology _____ an important role in daily life communication in Indonesia.
a. played b. plays c. playing d. to play
5. My friends and I _____ a new software that is included in android system.
a. launch b. have lunch c. generated d. downloaded

B. State "TRUE" if the sentence/statement is true or "FALSE" if it false!
1. Technology is not important and dangerous for humans' lives. FALSE
2. I can learn English through social media and good online games. TRUE
3. We keep our eye contact right to the interviewer during the job interview. FALSE
4. We do not need to put a date and signature in a job application letter. FALSE
5. We has to really know the position of needed job we are applying for. TRUE

C. Correct the "VERB" and re-write into negative sentences!
1. Indonesia have increase large number of startups and integrated softwares. have increased
2. All students performs their creative techno products on yesterday's morning class. performed
3. We has generated constantly at least 20 startups in a month in a company tech. have generated
4. I needs English skills to level up my career in computer science to create a successful product. need
5. My friends and I discusses job fair in technology and new startups las semester. discussed

D. Essay on the spot!
1. Describe a "THING" that you really like or a "PERSON" who inspires you in your life.
Dancing Bunny Hat

          Dancing bunny hat is one of the cute imported rabbit headgear that we can wear as a hat and head and ear warmers. This hat are include unique item here and trending in Korea. Not everyone has this hat.

          I have a dancing bunny hat which has two ears, two eyes, one mouth and two hands. It has the dominant color that is white. It has two oval-shaped ears with pink color inside it, two black and white eyes (the shape of it is a one big black circle, one medium white circle and two small white circles), one pink mouth with black border, and two hands elongated with one pink shaped love and three small pink ovals shaped. The shape of it’s hat is half circle. It has smooth hairs on the outside. There is a smooth white cloth on the inside. This hat is not heavy when worn but lightly. In the eyes and mouth in advanced and in the palm of the hand in the form of neat embroidery. It’s dimensions are 50x18x18cm and it’s weight is about 1kg. In it’s hand, there is a circle of pumps and a hose from both hands to both ears. It’s ears can move up and down like dancing when we press the pump circle. It’s price is about Rp 100.000,00.

          I got it from giveaway on twitter in the name of username @chibaeriidesu on August 17, 2018. Giveaway giver in the name of Nadia Elviani from Jati Asih, Bekasi, West Java with the name of shop is Onicicik online shop. This hat is sent with J&T Express. I got it free, only pay a some of the cost of the postage that’s Rp 15.000,00 which the original must pay Rp 33.000,00. This hat arrived at my house on August 19, 2018. It’s material is smooth fur.

          I am very love this hat, because this hat is very cute, looks clean with the dominant white color, and it can attract the attention of people, especially childrens. I usually wear this hat when there are events such as jogging and Japanese event on Sevendream.

2. Write your "HOPE/DREAM" of learning English and describe your best "WAY" of improving your English.

I think the best to learn English are by speaking in English such as public speaking  in front of class or memorizing one English word per day or by singing a song and playing games because the language feature in games often use English language as basic selection so that it can makes us learn English easier because it's relaxing to play games and learn English the same time. In my opinion, the more we learn English by those activities, the more we become more fluent in speaking English.

I love English language so much when my friends are speak in my class actively in English and it makes my college situation become funnier and by playing English learning games sometimes, I can absorb many material. I hope I can study English more in a variety of unique and interesting ways so it won't be boring.

Note : The more sentences you write, the more points you will get for the essay.

--Good Luck--

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